The entire Notes of Hope campaign is made possible by Great Youth, Inc., its board members, and volunteers.

Great Youth, Inc. (formerly known as Great Girls Inc., a girls’ only program from November, 2014 through November, 2016 and also formerly known as Great Girls Great Guys, a girls and boys program from November, 2016 to June, 2018) was founded by Rhonda G. Mincey in June, 2018. Great Youth, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax- exempt organization. Subsequent to the organization’s official name change in 2018, Great Youth, Inc. revised its mission to transforming both middle school-aged boys and girls into leaders, mentors, and role models. The organization is committed to serving the Low Country, the Coastal Empire, and other regions throughout the United States.

Great Youth believes that one heartfelt Note of Hope can make someone’s day, and change someone’s life.


Rhonda Mincey

Executive Director, Great Youth, Inc.

Rhonda is the visionary behind the Great Youth organization and serves as its Executive Director. She is passionate about the success of youth from all walks of life and has received numerous awards for her work with young people. Rhonda has been a role model and mentor for countless girls for nearly a decade as well as a mentor to women who have begun nonprofit organizations that serve girls. As the founder of GREAT Success, LLC, she developed the GREAT Girls Club, an innovative methodology that has impacted thousands of girls. She is a sought-after motivational speaker, an educator, and the author of "A Girl's Guide to Being Great." Rhonda has a Master's in Education and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She has received numerous awards for community service and leadership. Her motto is "It is never too late to be great."

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